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For the Love of Soil: Interview with Nicole Masters

In case you missed it, this post provides clips from our interview with soil health guru, Nicole Masters featured in episode 15 of our podcast, Tasting Terroir. Nicole shares insights from her book, For the Love of Soil.

In this interview, we cover a wide range of topics from how regenerative farming cuts fertilizer prices for producers to why it is so important for consumers to understand the holistic approach behind creating healthier food vs focusing on the latest hot topic being pushed by activist groups.


How can you regenerate a farm if the starting point assumptions are based on a conventional system? Seems like we need a paradigm shift!

In this clip from episode 15 of our podcast featuring an interview with Nicole Masters, Jill Clapperton and Nicole discuss this key concept.


Can tiny changes really make a difference? They can and DO. Too often, we don't think little things matter because we aren't thinking about things from a WHOLE systems perspective.

This is just one reason why regenerative agriculture requires a change in mindset vs just changing a few practices.


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