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The health of nearly everything gets its start in the soil.  Your food, your gut, your planet -- ALL are affected by the health of the soil that grows your food!

Understanding how to apply the science and practice of building soil health, understanding how to measure it and how to communicate the benefits of it -- are some of the most important areas of study in our time.

That is what membership in our online community helps you to do.  


People join us to have ongoing access to the advice and expertise of Dr. Jill Clapperton, a world-class soil health scientist and consultant.  We also provide vetted and original content that help you improve soil health, bring healthier food to customers and learn how to communicate the extra value you are providing.  


We accomplish this mission in multiple ways.  This page provides an overview of some of the features inside our private online network dedicated to improving soil health and the nutrition of our food.  

If you'd like to get a free tour of our online digital library and network or hear more about how our work can help you, sign up for a free 15-minute meeting below. 


Ready to join us?  Click the Join Us button below to sign up.

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Original Content Series & Support Sessions

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