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Find Better Food: New Resource to Connect You to the Regenerative Agriculture Journey

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

New webpage provides information and connection opportunities to farmers and food producers on the journey to regenerate your health, the land, and the climate!

Today we are excited to launch a new resource designed to help conscious consumers to connect with the regenerative food movement. Our online network, The Global Food & Farm Community, works with farmers, chefs and food companies from around the world. These folks are able to lean more about enhancing the soil health of the land by learning from Dr. Jill Clapperton and the many soil health scientists in her network. They also learn how to apply various regenerative principles from other farmers who are on the same journey.

Increasingly, we have seen farm and ranch members of our community become ingredient makers and food producers selling products directly to the public because the current food supply chain does not serve them.

This is a significant investment of time, money and risk. We believe these fantastic producers and food companies deserve some help in finding an audience. This webpage on our public site is dedicated to helping consumers find them, learn about them -- and begin a relationship with them through our monthly webinar series, Finding Regenerative Food.


As more producers and food companies from our community decide to join our marketing club, we will continue to add to this page. (Our Grounded Growth Marketing Club is a feature of our online community and provides a chance for small businesses on the regenerative journey to build an audience together.)

If you would like to ask questions or learn more about these folks, head to our new page: Find Better Food and sign up for our FREE monthly consumer webinar.


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