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#GlobalFarmChat: Going Fertilizer-Free with Farmer DeAnna Lozensky of North Dakota

Increasing Independence and profitability by boosting native Soil Health

What is fascinating to North Dakota farmer DeAnna Lozensky right now? What are some of the biggest challenges she's tackling? How has the regenerative farming she and her husband have been doing both increased her farm's profitability while protecting them from usually devastating stresses like extreme drought?

In this #GlobalFarmChat interview, DeAnna shares how she and her husband Kelly cut their fertilizer input to zero and how they are helping other farmers do the same with their IMOS system that helps each farm bring more of its own native biology back to life. She also talks about the joys and struggles of starting a food company designed to bring nutrient-dense food to consumers.

#GlobalFarmChat is our series of recorded video interviews with regenerative farmers around the world. Our interviews capture insights, tips, and challenges from farmers on the regenerative journey. Our goal is to help expand both the practice and awareness of regenerative agriculture.

You can watch the interviews here on our blog (click here to sign up for our email updates to get notified of new posts) or subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notified when they are released. Look for the #GlobalFarmChats playlist

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#GlobalFarmChat: Going Fertilizer-Free

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