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Let's Expand Regenerative Agriculture: Participate In Our Free Series: #GlobalFarmChat

Our new interview series will capture and share insights, tips, and challenges from farmers around the world on the regenerative journey. Together, we will help expand regenerative agriculture.

Sunset shines on a field of sunflowers


We're excited to launch a new, free initiative designed to speed up the regenerative transformation of our food system that is underway.

Introducing #Global Farm Chats—a series of recorded video interviews with regenerative farmers around the world -- sharing what's working, what's challenging, and how they got started.

We hope this video interview series will provide a convenient and valuable way of expanding regenerative agriculture around the world. Our goal is to support farmers on their journey to restore their natural resources, reduce their dependence on outside inputs, and in the process -- create a healthier food system for us all!.

Check out the 1-minute video below to get a glimpse of this new feature.

Why Global Farm Chats?

In a world that thrives on shared knowledge, the power of farmer-to-farmer communication cannot be underestimated. Still, our busy days seem to make finding set times when everyone can get together, harder than ever. Our solution to this challenge is to interview farmers one-on-one and then use the power of the internet to share some of the best insights and encourage folks to connect to each other for continued learning opportunities.

Global Farm Chats is a pioneering way of providing farmers, whether experienced pros or budding enthusiasts, with a space to share their stories, strategies, and successes. It's a celebration of the ingenuity.

How It Works

After completing a brief background form, you will receive a link to schedule a 15-minute recorded Zoom video call with our host, Sara Harper. You do not have to be a member of our community to participate, but our members will have the ability to have facilitated conversations, ask follow-up questions, and engage more deeply with the speakers in our private, ad-free forum.

These conversations will delve into the heart of farming practices, exploring the methods employed and the motivations driving them. We will share highlights and ways to connect with the speaker on our blog, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media channels. We will also post the full recordings and facilitate greater connections in our member-supported Mighty Network community:

Benefits: The Ripple Effect of Expanding Regenerative Agriculture

Participation in Global Farm Chats offers a multitude of benefits. First, by sharing your expertise, you contribute to the expansion of the regenerative agriculture movement.

Your insights don't just educate fellow farmers but also impact food companies, consumers, and the wider public. By dedicating a mere 15 minutes of your time, you become an agent of positive change.

Second, this initiative fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual growth. As you share your experiences, you encourage others to do the same. Through these conversations, the farming community becomes a tapestry woven with diverse stories, lessons, and strategies—a true embodiment of collective wisdom in an easily sharable format.

Finally, by participating in our Global Farm Chats, you're not only fostering knowledge-sharing but also enhancing your own farm's visibility. The recorded videos are professionally edited and shared. Imagine the impact of your insights resonating with a diverse audience, establishing you as a thought leader in the regenerative movement.

Join the Conversation!

Are you ready to contribute to a community of like-minded individuals, to share your insights, challenges, and triumphs, and to shape the future of agriculture?

If the answer is yes, we invite you to sign up for a #GlobalFarmChat by clicking the button below and completing the brief background form.

Global Farm Chats is more than just a series of conversations—it's a movement that unites farmers for a common purpose: to learn, share, and evolve together. Join us in this transformative journey as we celebrate the regenerative spirit that resides in every field and farmer across the globe.

Your 15 minutes can spark change, inspire innovation, and cultivate a better world.


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