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The Fungi That Help Make Your Food

It turns out that you owe a LOT to fungus.

Specifically, you get more health and flavor in your food than you ever imagined from something called mycorrhizal fungi.

In this clip from episode 20 of our podcast, Tasting Terroir, learn from Dr. Jill Clapperton how this fantastic fungus brings nutrients we need into the plants we eat.


Learn More about the magic of mycorrhizal fungi

In this episode of Tasting Terroir, we dive into the following:

  • What are these magical fungi?

  • Why is it so crucial for creating healthy soil and flavorful food?

  • What kind of farming disrupts it?

  • What kind of farming enhances it?

  • How do these fungi change the flavor of food?

We dive into the topic using the following resources:

  1. A clip from a presentation from Dr. Jill Clapperton on soil health (see part of it above)

  2. Farmer Gail Fuller from Kansas

  3. Book: What Your Food Ate by David R. Montgomery & Anne Bikle

  4. Book: Teaming with Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis

  5. Book: Entangled LIfe by Merlin Sheldrake


Listen to the full episode


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