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The Role of Regenerative Farmers In Bringing Flavor Back to Food

Regenerative agriculture is all about working WITH nature instead of against her. It is a way of farming that puts the focus on what to grow to solve problems, rather than what to kill to save the mono-focused cash crop.

So if nature is the solution, what's the role of the farmer in this system? How does a regenerative farmer's role differ from a conventional farmer?

In this clip from episode 19 of our podcast, Tasting Terroir, host Sara Harper shares her insights from many conversations with regenerative farmers of all types and organic farmer Hugh Kent of King Grove Organic Farm provides his perspective as a real organic project produce grower.

Can We Taste The Difference?

Do we like the taste of things that are good for us -- or better for us than another version of the same food? Top blueberry grower Hugh Kent thinks so. It makes sense after all since nutrients add flavor to food. Learn more about this topic in this clip from episode 19 of our podcast, Tasting Terroir.


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