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Whole Grain, Regeneratively-Grown Pasta + Flour from North Dakota: Meet Guardian Grains

As part of our series to help consumers get to know more about the regenerative food movement -- and WHERE TO FIND this amazing food.......we are hosting a monthly webinar called Finding Regenerative Food.

It's free to join and will feature conversations with great producers and food-makers in our online community -- like DeAnna and Kelly Lozensky of Guardian Grains in North Dakota. To participate, just sign up on our Events page and you will be sent the Zoom call information.

Finding Regenerative Webinars will take place the first Thursday of every month at 11am eastern (USA). Click here to sign up.


Learn More

Ahead of our call, get to know more about the the regenerative producers you will get to talk to by listening to our podcast. Many of our episodes feature interviews with members of our community who you will get the chance to talk with during the webinars. We recommend these episodes to get you started.

Click on the images below to listen to each episode.


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