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The Magic Behind Better Tasting, Better-for-You Beef

Taste the difference soil health makes

Let's face it - if healthier food isn't tasty, it won't make it in the market. Can we have our "healthy cake" and want to eat it too? YES! If we buy the food and ingredients from regenerative farmers who show their work!

Peony Farms forage-finished beef from Alberta, Canada is a case study that shows us we can indeed have better-tasting and better-for-you beef. It's also better for the planet too. What's their secret?

Find out in this 2-minute clip from episode 18 of our podcast, Tasting Terroir.

In case you aren't familiar with forage-finished beef -- it's grass-fed beef but even better since the "grass" includes a diverse array of different plants that have health and flavor. Learn more about the amazing benefits scientists are finding in this type of regenerative beef on episode 16 of the podcast.

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Please find out more about Craig Cameron's amazing beef and buy direct from their online store at their website:

Find other amazing regenerative food providers by clicking here.

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