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NEW Content Series & Ways to Engage for Our Online Community

We are always thinking about ways to improve the value we provide for members of our ad-free, private online network, The Global Food & Farm Community. Here's an update on the latest additions to the original content we provide for them.

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New Series: The Soil Health Exchange

From the start, a big part of the value of our online community has been bringing our members vetted, interesting, and useful interviews and presentations with soil health, nutrition, and other experts from around the world. We delivered this content in the form of live events that we also recorded -- giving members the option of participating live or watching the recording at their leisure in our digital streaming library, RegenFlix.

These events provide our members the chance to gain valuable, actionable insights from some of the best experts -- without leaving the comfort of their home or the reality of 24/7 work on the farm.

As we have grown, we have built up quite an impressive digital library of presentations and interviews -- and we noticed that our members where choosing to watch our content in our library rather than combatting the scheduling hassles of making the live event.

As a result, we are going to expand our original interviews with experts and add more of them to our digital streaming library, RegenFlix. We will continue to have live events and create numerous opportunities for members to engage with our speakers - but the week to week focus will be on creating and curating helpful information for members through an interview series we are calling The Soil Health Exchange.

Our first episode features a long interview and discussion with soil health authors, David Montgomery and Anne Bikle on their new book, What Your Food Ate. Some of this interview will be included in an episode of our podcast, Tasting Terroir.

The Soil Health Exchange series will focus on one-on-one conversations or conversations that Jill and I are able to do with experts from around the world. Some of the focus areas for this series will include:

  • Profiling producers and experts who have a track record of saving money on farm inputs through their adoption of regenerative practices

  • Highlighting the latest scientific research around understanding and improving soil health

  • Nutrient density, health and nutrition issues and news linked to soil health

  • Meet the Masters of Soil Health: interviews with farmers who are making big gains

  • Creating Regenerative Food - learning from those on the front lines of bringing regenerative food and ingredients to the market.

After watching the content, if members have any questions or follow-up requests, they are able to submit them as comments inside our community and get answers directly from the speakers we interview. We also bring all our interviewed speakers into our online community, so members are able to chat directly with them by clicking on their profile page in our community.

Expanding Our Office Hour Discussions

In addition to our current Office Hour with Dr. Jill Clapperton (where members are able to seek advice and ask questions on any soil health topic), we are adding an additional Office Hour hosted by Sara Harper to focus on member questions around messaging and communicating the benefits of soil health and regenerative agriculture.

In addition to general questions about telling the regenerative story to customers and consumers, Sara can also help members with any small-business marketing questions. And, if members have any questions about agriculture or environmental policy and how the sausage gets made (or doesn't), Sara is happy to share what she knows from her time on Capitol Hill.

Stay Tuned

In addition to these updates, we are working on some additional conversation events with top farmers and researchers from around the world -- giving members the ability to get updates on agriculture and soil health issues from all corners of the globe on a regular basis.

If you'd like to learn more about the value we provide for members -- and get a free tour of our online member community, click here to set up a 15-minute meeting with Sara Harper.


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