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Sneak Peek: Explore Our GroundBuilding Online Community!

Our vibrant global community is dedicated to helping farmers harness the power of nature to build soil health. We also work with food companies to help them identify, measure, and communicate the value of adding regenerative ingredients into their supply chains.

We unite passionate farmers from different corners of the world, providing them with a platform to get expert advice on their specific situations, learn from some of the best farmers in the world, and collaborate.

By fostering a supportive, private, ad-free environment, we make possible a whole different kind of peer-to-peer learning that strengthens farming systems while reducing reliance on external inputs. Our community also enables food companies to transform these better crops into better ingredients and a better food system for us and the planet.

What Kind of Content Do We Provide?

In this article, we'll provide some snapshots of various original interview series we've produced and some brief video tours of our member-supported community hosted on the Mighty Networks platform.

Our video interviews and curated content are all available 24/7 to members in our digital streaming video library, RegenFlix and in our Key Spaces inside the community (scroll down to see a tour).

If members have a question, they can engage in a private direct chat with the speaker or any other member of our community using our Mighty Networks platform. Our member-supported online community makes it possible to do more than learn from a great video -- it lets you engage with the people who created the knowledge.

If you have questions about our community or would like to get a free online tour, just send an email to


Soil Health Exchange


Presentations by Dr. Jill Clapperton


Meet the Masters of Soil Health


Look Inside:

Check Out Our Mighty Network Features

These brief videos give you with a brief tutorial on using some of the different features in our member-supported community hosted on the Mighty Network platform. Full versions of these tutorials are located in our Start Here section (membership required to access) inside the network.

Main Menu - Check Out Our Mighty Network Community (1-minute)

Digital Libraries - Streaming Our Original Content

Exploring Key Spaces - Curated Content


Ready to join us?

Members make it possible for us to create and find the best soil health content out there. We hope you will consider joining us.

Click here to learn more or join our community.

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