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Paying Tribute to a Soil Health Pioneer: David Brandt


By Dr. Jill Clapperton

We have lost a kind, generous, encouraging, humble, and innovative man from the Regenerative Ag World: David Brandt.

He touched so many of our lives and encouraged us to experiment in ways we had not thought possible. David pioneered the use of cover cropping from his start with radishes and peas to his new more elaborate mixes, that lead to the start of a successful seed company Walnut Creek.

We are blessed to have his family carry on the legacy.

No matter how busy David was he would always take the time to check in with his friends. He would call me and say "I was just thinking about you and thought I would call". It was so good to hear his cheery voice and experience his laugh. It always brightened my day!

I have a fond memory of David visiting me in Spokane - too long ago- and having dinner with me and a few friends including John Aeschliman. We had a steak dinner as David requested and we all had the best time listening to their stories of the early days of No Tillage. I cherish the quilt Kendra gave me for taking such good care of her Man.

I am so blessed to have known Kendra and David Brandt! May their legacy of innovative farming practices live on through the Brandt family and everyone who has been encouraged by David Brandt.

Blessed Be



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