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New FREE Resource for Growing the Regenerative Agriculture Movement

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Ask questions. Share photos. Preview Our Content. Make connections.

Connecting with Dr. Jill Clapperton & Regenerative Farmers Around the World Just Got Easier!


Going Where the Farmers Are

Working with farmers as we do, we have learned a lot about how they like to communicate with each other.

Some farmers use Twitter to share photos of things they've tried and to seek advice, but often, the negative nature of public social media channels is a big turn-off to many of the best regenerative farmers.

Instead, many of them prefer to use an app on their smartphones that lets them easily and privately chat and share photos with like-minded people all over the world. It's called WhatsApp.

Our private online community (hosted on Mighty Networks) has always had the ability to host private chats across our global community, but we found that most of our farmer members preferred instead to use WhatsApp where they are already involved in many different group discussions. One less app to open I guess....

What's Better than WhatsApp? Pairing It With Our Community!

The challenge with WhatsApp (and Facebook groups for that matter) is that it becomes hard to find some great picture or comment you read in a thread. Even if they are searchable, its still one long string of comments. This is one reason we opted for using Mighty Networks as our community platform. It allows us to make all our content easily searchable and specific to separate topics we maintain.

We decided to create a hybrid of sorts -- connecting the farmer/user friendliness of WhatsApp with the organizational benefits of our Mighty Network. The result is our new WhatsApp Group Chat called Regenerative Unlimited which will be paired with our Mighty Network online community

There is currently not a way to sync the chats posted in WhatsApp to Mighty Networks. We will capture and save selected questions, photos and responses in a Space within our Mighty Network. This means we will make the content created easily by farmers searchable and easy to find for our members in our private community.

This new feature of our community will both help regenerative farmers around the world connect to the great insights and advice of our leader, Dr Jill Clapperton as well as to other amazing farmers and like-minded people connected to the food industry.

And we are making this new WhatsApp Group Chat FREE for you to join! Read on to learn why and how to connect with us!

How We Will Use It

The WhatsApp Group will be used to ask questions to Dr. Clapperton and the other farmers in the group, to share updates and great stories, and for us to provide links to the latest content we have added to our private online community.

While the links will only be accessible to our members, it will give non-members a chance to see some of the new content we are adding to our digital library RegenFlix (like Netflix but focused on regenerative agriculture).

Please note that anything posted in the Global Food and Farm WhatsApp Community could be re-posted in our Mighty Network for archiving and to make the knowledge both available to the whole community and searchable for finding it again in the future.

The posts will remain private to our community. Nothing posted in either our WhatsApp or Mighty Network sites will be made public!

The same rules of the road for our private community will be applied to our WhatsApp Group. We reserve the right to remove any person who violates our rules.



Why We're Making the WhatsApp Group Free

We believe passionately in the power of regenerative agriculture. We have seen first-hand how it has transformed the farms in our network and the food made from their efforts. Facilitating knowledge transfer for farmers and food companies on the regenerative path is what we are all about. This free feature is a contribution we are making to expand a movement so positive it can simultaneously transform the nutrition of our food.

We also hope that this will also be a way for more people to get a sense of the kind of expertise and opportunities we provide to our members -- and that you will decide to join us as a member of our private online community as well.


Ready to Join for Free?

Click the button below to sign up for email updates from us and you will receive an email with the link to join our private WhatsApp group.

Already a subscriber? Check your email. We are sending the link to join the WhatsApp group to our email list.


Not Familiar With WhatsApp? Learn How to Use It Here


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