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More Than Your Basic Blonde Pasta: The Unique Value that Buying Direct From Regen Farmers Provides

Why should you invest effort in buying some products direct from regenerative farmers? Because you can't get this kind of quality, transparency or nutrition anywhere else.

In this clip from episode 17 of our podcast, Tasting Terroir, learn about the newest trend in food from North Dakota farmer, DeAnna Lozensky: buying better food directly from the farmer.

Learn more about the Lozensky's and how they farm here. Find the cool products they can bring to your door on their website. They also have a great recipe page for getting the most out of their regenerative whole grain!


To listen to the full episode, find Tasting Terroir on your favorite podcast platform or on our website.

To find better food like this, check out our webpage that highlights producers in our network bringing regeneratively-grown food directly to you.



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