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Unleash the Regenerative Revolution: Engaging Events for Food & Farming Enthusiasts!

Get ready for a series of captivating online member events over the next several weeks -- engaging directly with regenerative farmers who are bringing better food to you!

Hear about a partnership with a local bakery in Ohio that is transforming regeneratively-grown grain into exquisite flour. Gain insights from a farmer's regenerative certification journey in Washington state. Discover some great corn-based products like tortilla chips and beer that are made from regeneratively-grown corn in Iowa.

In this post, you will find a description and details about these upcoming events. Our events are free for the members of our online community. Members, log into our Mighty Network site and click here or on the image or each event below to RSVP for the event and add it to your calendar.

All times shown are in Eastern time, but the time zone converts to your local area when visiting the Events page for each event in our network.

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Join us for a discussion with Jay Brandt about his farm's move into selling regeneratively-grown grain and flour through a unique partnership with a local bakery....and direct to consumers too!

Check out their website and bring your questions!


Have you heard of the Regenerative Organic Certification? It is an extremely rigorous process to undertake. It is one of a the major certifications emerging that will attempt to capture value for regeneratively-grown organic food.

Luckily, we have a member of our community who has made it through the process -- and lived to tell the tale ;)

Join us for a discussion with Brian Andersen to learn first-hand about the experience and the impact he expects the certification will have for his farm.


Carve out some time to catch up with this busy guy..... @FloloFarms or Loran Steinlage. Not only is he a master farmer, but he is also working with at least 2 different food companies and providing his farming expertise as a consultant.


Members, find these and all our events in the Events tab in our Mighty Network menu.

Get updates and reminders on all our community events in the "Our Community events & Recording Links" space in the Get Involved section of our community.

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