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Giving Thanks for Those on the Regenerative Path Who Don't Stop Believing

Thanksgiving is always a nice time to take a moment to count your blessings and share with others what you are thankful for at this time in your life.

For me, there is so very much to be thankful for on both a personal and professional level.....and I wanted to use this opportunity to share some of it with you.

For those of you who may not know, I founded an online community for regenerative farmers and food companies called Grounded Growth. Its goal was to help these folks find each other and to support them in bringing better food to market. This was a wonderful quest, but it was so very hard......thankfully, it resulted in finding and blending in with another amazing group of people following the brilliant work of Dr. Jill Clapperton. You can read more about this merging of the minds (and communities) here.

Now, we have a new community -- and this beautiful new website -- giving us the chance to connect a wider audience to the goodness of regenerative agriculture.

It is our true joy to introduce some of the farmers and food companies in our wonderful online community to a wider audience of conscious consumers who value the effort that goes into regenerating our food system. If you are such a person, please click here to sign up for our FREE monthly webinar series where you will get to talk directly to some of the folks on the front line of building a better food system.

In the meantime, I'm pleased to share with you some clips from my interviews with some of the most wonderful people you will have the chance to get to know -- and share a little about why I'm so grateful for them!

A better food system is in our grasp. We just have to step forward and partner with people like these!


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