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Get to Know the Online Community Helping to Create Healthier Soil for a Healthier World!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

At the heart of our online community is a shared love of a way of farming that has the power to restore the health of our land, the food it grows and the people it supports. Our community is all about helping each other to make our food system and our planet healthier through an intense focus on improving soil health and helping consumers understand how important this is to their own health.

Called regenerative agriculture, this way of farming is a mindset, not a checklist of practices, that embraces nature rather than trying to control it.

For decades, our leader, Dr. Jill Clapperton has studied and conducted original research into the best ways to help farmers enhance the health of their most important asset: their soil. Her background as a soil health scientist and plant physiologist gives her the ability to help farmers and healthcare professionals alike to understand how to enhance and measure the concrete outcomes of regenerative farming. Jill formed a company, Rhizoterra, to enable her to provide a number of consulting services to farmers, chefs and food companies.

To scale up this important work, Jill created a private online network where farmers, emerging food companies and chefs can all privately learn and engage with Jill and her extensive global network of soil health experts.

Last year, Jill's network expanded when a fellow lover of regenerative agriculture, Sara Hessenflow Harper, merged her own online network into Jill's online community. Grounded Growth was formed by Sara to help regenerative farmers, chefs and food companies find each other, learn how to measure and communicate the benefits of their better food to consumers, and bring this better food directly to consumers.

The newly combined online community is The Global Food & Farm Community (GFFC). Our network brings together Jill's focus on soil health education and Grounded Growth's work on communication and marketing to enable all parts of the supply chain to improve the food system and help the planet -- all by making their own businesses more resilient.



Helping You Find Regenerative Food!

One of our greatest joys is to shine a light on farmers, chefs and emerging food companies in our community who are bringing better food options to consumers. We are launching a series of free, public webinars where you can meet these folks and ask them questions about the food and ingredients they provide.

Click here to sign up for notifications and invitations to these and other related events.


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