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Jump Into Top 2023 Food Trend: Buy Directly from Regen Farmers!

Our latest podcast episode (Tasting Terroir) features 3 amazing food producers bringing better food directly to your door!

One of the top trends in food for 2023 is buying foods that have a simple ingredient list with a transparent supply chain. Turns out....that's exactly what you get when you buy your food directly from the regenerative farmers that made it! Check out an article talking about top trends that we refer to in this episode by clicking here. In this episode, we go back to some of the farmers and food companies in our online network – The Global Food & Farm Community – and hear from them about their top-selling products and more about what makes them so unique in today’s food system. You can learn more and get links to the online stores of these folks and others providing food that fits this trend by going to our find better food page.



Helping You Find Better Food!

We are excited to help get you started on this ‘finding better food’ journey by connecting you with farmers and food companies who are delivering on this trend.

Our feature interviews for this episode include --

Discussions with a whole wheat pasta maker from North Dakota – DeAnna Lozensky of Guardian Grains, a forage-fed beef producer in Alberta, Canada – Craig Cameron of Peony Farms, and a gluten-free flour miller and pizza crust maker in Ohio – Jennifer Kocher of Around the World Gourmet.

Learn more about these awesome food providers and get to their online stores through our website:


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